It requires adding more work on top of existing work!

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For the past month, I didn’t get a chance to log onto Medium for a reason that can be summed up by one word:


Anyone who is a pre-medical student or a medical professional likely has shivers running down their spine at the mere sound of the word. For those lucky enough to never have encountered it: the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an entrance exam for medical schools in the U.S. It covers two years of college courses across 8 different subjects, ranging from biology to physics to humanities.

LSAT who? These days I genuinely regret not…

Stereotypes within professional mental health services are surprisingly pervasive

Illustrations by Author

The fields of psychology and psychiatry have, regrettably, emerged from a history of unethical experimentation and decision-making that was deeply rooted in misinformation, superstition, and inhumane treatment. The now romanticized idea of nail scratches on the wallpaper, hysterical screams in padded rooms, and the “insane” being locked far away from society seems so far behind us. Now, we bring up mental health in every context to educate each other and aggressively advertise online resources to make treatment more accessible.

All this progress within psychiatry, psychology, and society is crucial in redeeming the credibility of such sciences. Yet, we’re not actually…

A patient’s battle through the war on prescription abuse

A gif of four differently-colored prescription pill bottles changing colors, covered with caution tape
A gif of four differently-colored prescription pill bottles changing colors, covered with caution tape
Illustrations by Author

While working as a medical scribe at a local Urgent Care clinic, I frequently observed visits related to acute anxiety. Amongst some grim exacerbations of potentially deadly conditions, these visits just seemed to have the ideal resolution. Even in the short follow-up feasible at an Urgent Care, we could observe these patients feel more comfortable and empowered to get their life back on track. For instance, a forty-something woman presenting with an acute onset of insomnia due to stress at work. A wide smile from the physician plus a prescription for alprazolam (Xanax), no one thought twice about it.


Ana Kay

I explore all types of topics from mental health to skincare. Occasionally I attempt hilariously simplistic “illustrations” | B.S. Neuroscience Class of 2021

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